Main features :

  • Search the drives, directories or the subdirectories you want to search, any combination you like.
  • Compares binary files byte by byte.
  • Switchable match by content only or match by name and content.
  • Switchable zero length file skipping.
  • Switchable subdirectory scanning.
  • Switchable delete to Recycle Bin or to specified directory or wipe from disk.
  • Compare file size only (non contents) for a very quick scan.
  • View the matched files in their normal applications before deciding what to do with them.
  • Preview images in DupMan.
  • Search files by type filters.
  • Multiple simultaneous filters just like Window's file find... "*.txt;*.doc;*.text"
  • Maximum and minimum size searching
  • Mark Wizard to speed up selection of files to delete.
  • Possibility save files CRC to file for further comparings.
  • Visual image files comparing (not exactly identical images).
  • Easy configuration, navigation and no double checking of duplicates ever again.
  • Multilanguage support.

Some screenshots :

  • Main configuration screen.
  • Visual comparing settings.
  • Results screen.
  • Results visualization settings.

Download :

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