The Google Search API was created for developers and researchers interested in using Google Search as a resource in their applications. Developers write software programs that uses Google Search API service to connect remotely to the Google Search engine. Communication is performed via SOAP, an XML-based mechanism for exchanging typed information.

The Google Search Demo is a Windows desktop application to demonstrate basic functionality of Google Search API. The user can enter search keyword(s), select keywords matches and see at the same time the selected results preview in the main window of Demo application.

The Demo application main window consists of three parts: keywords list, single keyword matches list and preview IE window to visualize loaded Web page. User can select, edit or delete keywords from the list, select any match of the single keyword in the matches list and finaly navigate in the Web site.

The Google Search Demo application is developed using C# as programming language and requires Visual C#.NET 2005 installed for project sources compilation. Alternatively, you can use already precompiled executable, provided in the same download package (see below).

For Demo application compilation: Visual C#.NET 2005.
For Demo application execution: .NET 2.0 framework installed.

Download Google Search Demo

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