VuB - abbreviation for German term "Visualisierung und Bedienung" (Visualization and Management). The application is developed to display and manage road traffic conditions in Munchen Trade Fair area. Operator can see traffic situation on the roads and highway, state of traffic signs, traffic lights and other visual parameters, visible to the visitors. Traffic situation changes when new trade fair starts / finishes or other event occurs in exhibition center area. Therefore the optimal road traffic management should be taken by the management server and displayed to the operator in VuB application.

Application is developed under MS Visual C++; OO design work was done in UML utilizing the Rational Rose design tool.

VuB uses MapPoint ActiveX control, developed by Microsoft. MapPoint gives a possibility to create layers and objects, change visual aspects of objects in drawing (width, color, position). User is able to zoom in, zoom out, pan and print the map.

VuB application is developed using MDI model of applications. User can open several MDI windows with different types of documents inside. There is a possibility to zoom in, zoom out and pan map in different windows separately. Application allows hide / show map layers in different map windows.

Concept of layers and super-layers is implemented in VuB. Layer of traffic object can be assumed as collection of homogeneous traffic objects, like traffic lights, car detectors, various kinds of traffic signs and so on. Super-layer is assumed as a user defined collection of layers. User can create or remove super-layers, assign layer of traffic objects to one or more super-layers. Labels of super-layers are displayed in dynamic menus.

This is a screenshot of the trade fair calendar. Calendar is available to manage up to three trade fairs at any moment of time. It defines when new trade fair starts, finishes, or any other event occurs. One can see when a new situation begins and when it ends, what parking places are dedicated to a certain trade fair, what text to display on traffic direction signs and on which signs this text should be displayed.

The traffic control dialog is designed to display and edit the operational state (broken or working) of traffic direction signs on the highway with a possibility to control parameters manually or to let them be controlled automatically by the strategy management module.

As any other modern system, VuB is a multi-user application and also has user management. In VuB there are users and user groups. System administrator assigns permissions to the user groups. One user can be a member of more than one user group. In this dialog drag-and-drop is implemented in purpose of assigning and removing user to / from the user group. Administrator has a possibility to create new users and groups or remove old ones. List view on the right side of the dialog displays permissions of the user group or the information about selected user. If a user is selected, then this list view will display such information as user's name, last name or phone number. If a user group is selected, then the list view will display permissions, available to assign or reassign them to the group.

Special type of small windows to display textual or graphical state of traffic objects implemented in VuB.

Popup windows to display traffic signs in zoomed state when the user holds the mouse over traffic object implemented in VuB. If the mouse is stopped over the speed limit sign, traffic direction sign, traffic light, information board on the highway or any other, the bigger image of that sign appears on the screen. Popup windows are closed after mouse is moved away.

VuB has a numerous amount of parameters. In the Options dialog operator can manage various options of VuB application.

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