MegaGIS is an IT sector company specializing in outsourcing of software development for enterprise-level European IT companies. More then 20 man-years experience with leading IT technologies let us feel comfortably strong in IT telecommuting market and provide best services our customer may ever dream. Wide range of projects MegaGIS carried out results in master experience in wide range of programming technologies. Experience in most popular programming languages continues almost all last decade -- from MS C++ 7.0 / VB 3.0 (year 1994) to MS .NET platform (year 2002), from first versions of Delphi to Delphi 6 at present etc. Strong telework discipline allows MegaGIS to complete projects as scheduled with highest quality and reach maximum satisfaction of customer for the job done.

MegaGIS is open for contracts proposals of any type requiring education, experience and knowledge MegaGIS can provide. Usually our contract job includes just few meetings with customer while majority of software development (approximately 80% of project time) is done at MegaGIS site. Despite this, MegaGIS developers are able and ready to spend up to 50% of project time working / consulting in customer company, if this does not contradict with work permissions regulations of customer country.

Our experience:

Operating systems
Windows 3.x / NT4 / 9x / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7,

Programming languages / scripts
Visual C++ / MFC (20+ projects) (Demo),
Visual Basic (20+ projects) (Demo),
Java / JavaScript (5 projects),
Delphi (1 project) (Demo),
HTML, ASP (5+ projects) (Demo),
PHP, Perl (3 projects), (,,
Borland Pascal (5+ projects),
Assembler (Intel) (3 projects),
Google Maps (1 project) (Demo),
Google Maps JQuery (1 project) (Demo),
Google Search (1 project) (Demo).

.NET technology

C++.NET / C#.NET (10+ projects) (Demo),
VB.NET (1 project),
ASP.NET (5 projects), ASP.NET Web Services (3 projects),
ADO.NET (1 project).


MS Access,
FoxPro, Visual FoxPro (5 projects) (Demo).

Computer systems
Client - server technology (10+ projects).

General software know-how
Rational software (Rational Rose, Rational SoDA) (5 projects),
Damgaard Axapta,
Concorde XAL,
GIS programming (ESRI MapObjects 2.0) (3 projects) (Demo).

System programming / components
COM / DCOM / ActiveX (10 projects),
CORBA (4 projects).

Networks / interfaces / protocols
Internet services,
Network security,
LAN/WAN (Ethernet, Frame Relay, ISDN).

System consulting
Data encryption and code locking.

HP Imaging and Printing Solutions for SMB Customers Sales Professional,
HP Storage Management Solutions Sales Professional,
HP Storage Area Network Sales Professional,
HP Network Sales Professional,
HP Netservers Sales Professional,
HP Desktop and Mobile PC Sales Professional,
HP Business PC Solutions for SMB Customers Sales Professional.

Our partners

CSC Information Systems (CSC-IS),
Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI),
MultiCad Corporation,
ave Verkehrs- und Informationstechnik GmbH,
GFKL Financial Services AG.
CoProLive AS.

Our address:
BaltÝ pr. 119-1,
LT-48202 Kaunas,

Tel.: +370 686 39150


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